485496_461831160551880_1706904644_nHey! Welcome to my website and thank you for stopping by and getting to know more about me.

Well, let me introduce myself. Im Julius Perando Jr, 24 years old. Im an experienced Front-end and Back-end Developer from Philippines, specializing in building websites using WordPress, a graphic designer and SEO specialist as well. These are the 3 major things I do and used to be my full time occupation.

I just started an SEO specialist before but as time goes by Google rolled out new and different updates to improve the users experience in SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). One of the things that needs to improve is the design and structure of the websites, and that’s how I turned and develop myself also as web developer and graphic designer.

I learn how to use WordPress and I apply all my SEO skills to create beautiful website designs and SEO friendly.

By now, I developed and completed different projects which you can find on my Portfolio page. If you our looking for someone that can help you build your own website for personal or business purposes, Im ready to help you achieved your goals and needs.

Just contact me and lets work together.