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Top Blog and Magazine WordPress Themes

Sahifa Packed with the most recent and many helpful functionality, the Sahifa responsive WordPress theme combines practical elegance with effective features. Retina-ready and designed particularly to be used across an extensive variety of devices and platforms, the...

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How To Set Up Google Analytics

Google Analytics by Google used to track how much traffic you have on your website. We use it as our main source to analyze the website if where the visitors are coming from, how users get interested on your website etc. In this blog post Im going to show you how to...

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How To Clone Your Website Using WP Clone

Cloning a website is very easy. There are few tools already that has been developed to do the cloning quickly. Once of the easiest way to clone a website is using WP Clone by WP Academy. In this blog post Im going to show you how easy to clone a website using this...

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